The Bay Delta Conservation Plan is a sham and

by coalitionadmin on April 2, 2012

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan is a sham and a complete farce. It was written by the water exporters for the benefit of the water exporters. There is virtually no support from the real science community for this patiently absurd document. The BDCP process has been a total manipulation by the water exporters from the start. If we allow this fraud to go forward, we can kiss all of our anadromous fisheries that use the San Joaquin, Sacramento River systems good bye.

The worst part of this scam is that there will be NO CONSEQUENCES to the exporters for destroying our fisheries, Nada, None! They will have 50 years to make sure every last salmon run, steelhead run and all of the non-native game fish are all gone! Your grand-children will never know the Delta and its river tributaries nor the fisheries that once thrived in them.

The first indicator that this was the intended result, was the 3:00 AM passage of the water bills by our legislature several years ago. The second indicator was that two diametrically opposed out-comes were called “co-equal” goals. By what twisted logic could one conclude that “restoring habitat” and “exporting evermore” water from an aquatic Ecosystem that’s been devastated by too much water already being exported, could or would be “co-equal” goals. Kill the Bay Delta “Conservation” Plan now!

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